Work to Begin at the Diego de Almagro Sur PV Power Plant Located in Northern Chile

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SMA project Chile

SMA Solar Technology has been awarded a 220 MW contract with the Diego de Almagro Sur PV power plant in Chile. The project is managed by Colbun, a major electric power generation company in South America. 

For this contract, which is part of Colbun’s portfolio of renewable initiatives, SMA was selected based on its renowned technology, engineering services and proven experience with similar projects.

“We are grateful that Colbun has chosen SMA for this important power plant in the Chilean energy market,” said Daniel Rosende, managing director of SMA South America. “This project highlights the reliable performance of our solutions for large-scale PV, and our commitment to be the best technology partner during the complete life cycle of this type of installations.”

The Diego de Almagro Sur project includes 46 Medium Voltage Power Stations and a completely integrated system of Sunny Central UP inverters with 4.6 MW capacity each. This technology offers the highest power density in the industry.

The environmental conditions in the Atacama Desert are some of the most adverse and extreme in the world. SMA’s Opticool® active temperature management system is well suited for the dry and dusty environment and the company’s technology also offers advantages in high altitudes. SMA has proven its undisputed leadership in this region, offering the highest availability and performance.

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