Sunny Boy TL-US with Secure Power Supply now available in 7,000/7,700 watt models

The Sunny Boy TL-US transformerless inverters with Secure Power Supply (SPS) have expanded with two new power classes: 7,000 and 7,700 watts. These sizes are ideal for larger residential PV systems and, like the rest of the Sunny Boy TL-US series, are able to provide daytime power during grid outages.

The higher power classes of the Sunny Boy TL-US still boast the impressive features that made this inverter line so popular, such as dual maximum power point (MPP) trackers and SMA’s proprietary shade mitigation tool, OptiTrac Global Peak, and as smart as they are strong. The Sunny Boy 7700TL-US is specifically configured for homes with 200-amp service panels to maximize solar output while avoiding costly panel upgrades.

What can Secure Power Supply do for you?

Beauty and brains

The biggest benefit of the Sunny Boy TL-US is the first-of-its-kind Secure Power Supply feature, which addresses the needs of grid-tied system owners during power outages. It makes it possible for the inverter to provide up to 1,500 watts of daytime standby power in the event of a grid outage for charging laptops, cell phones and more, without the need of additional, costly batteries.

The Sunny Boy TL-US with SPS offers reduced weight and integrated DC AFCI functionality meeting NEC arc-fault protection requirements, certified to the UL 1699B standard. The new Sunny Boy models will also work with SMA’s Rapid Shutdown System, which will be released early next year, and will meet 2014 NEC 690.12 requirements.

The TL-US series provides easy monitoring and control features, including a large graphic display and the optional plug-and-play Webconnect data module for easy system monitoring with direct data transmission to Sunny Portal.

With leading CEC efficiencies, a wide input voltage and extended operating temperature ranges from -40 to 140 F, the Sunny Boy TL-US with SPS offers maximum power production in nearly all conditions.


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