SMA Redefines Optimization with its Power+ Solution

SMA is now taking orders for its new, game-changing Power+ Solution to optimize residential systems. Combining the proven Sunny Boy US inverter with the TS4-R Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE), the new SMA solution cost-effectively optimizes residential PV systems and ensures higher energy yields.

The Power+ Solution will redefine what it means to optimize a residential PV system using MLPE. SMA’s MLPE solution can be applied per module for operational simplicity or selectively for faster installation.

Every PV project has its own unique challenges and objectives, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution in today’s solar landscape. The Power+ Solution enables integrators to apply the technology in a way that optimizes ROI for their individual business model.

The TS4-R module components of the SMA Power+ Solution can be used like traditional MLPEs and satisfy all of the challenges that incumbent solutions address. But unlike traditional optimization, which requires MLPEs on every module even when it’s not needed, the Power+ Solution can also be applied selectively. This reduces installation time, service risk, and ultimately cost. Selectively deploying TS4-R can save up to 90 minutes of installation time per residential system while realizing greater energy production and roof usage, and providing a higher ROI.

Selective deployment is also ideal when it comes to service and O&M. Fewer components mean fewer potential points of failure and less risk, and when service is required, it is simpler.

For integrators opting for full deployment, installation can still achieve significant time-saving.

The module-based DC technology is supplied by the universal TS4 platform, which offers various levels of plug-and-play functionality. The TS4 is available as a factory integrated component through leading module suppliers. It is also available as an add-on, retrofit option exclusively through SMA, and makes any system instantly smarter and more powerful.  Benefits of the TS4 line include module-level monitoring, shutdown code compliance, shade mitigation and increased string lengths.

The TS4 has been engineered to work seamlessly with the Sunny Boy US inverter, which is the fastest PV inverter to install. This allows installers and distributors to realize additional cost savings by reducing the total number of products they must carry. Now, integrators can carry one line of inverters for MLPE and non-MLPE applications, which reduces warehouse space while also improving flexibility when installation requirements change at the last minute.

For data monitoring, module-level diagnostics can be viewed through Sunny Portal – the world’s largest monitoring repository for PV systems.


  1. Duncan
    Duncan says:

    I have installed a ground mount system with two SMA SB 7.7-1SP-US-41. Everything works fine but…..
    the SPS does not work on either unit. I have installed dozens of SPS on 40 model inverters and never had a problem. I measure DC coming into the inverter and continuity through the SPS switch. Is there something different about the 41? Is there a software setting I’m missing?

  2. Duncan
    Duncan says:

    I have a few systems going in right now that were permitted under the old code without a need for module level shutdown. I have previously used the SMA Rapid Shutdown Box and controller. It appears that this product has been discontinued. I have the newer model 41 inverters. Can I use a single TS4-R-F on each string (not on each module) to achieve shutdown as required for the old code?

  3. Howard
    Howard says:

    How can I build a 6kw system w/ 6kw sps? If not, is there a way to increase 2kw sps to 4 or 6 kw?

  4. John G Eyles
    John G Eyles says:

    Still a bit confused. I am installing a ground-mount system, so no need for rapid shutdown; but I want SPS to work. I’m guessing if I have no TS4’s of any kind, strings of panels just wired straight to inverter, that SPS will work (since DC will still be there when grid fails). And if I selectively deploy TS4-R-O for shaded modules, SPS will work as long as I don’t install RCK, is that right ? Does this mean it doesn’t matter if I use a -40 or -41 inverter ? Do I need to file the “Assumption of Responsibility” form ?

  5. Alan
    Alan says:

    I’m currently in process of having a system designed for 2020 installation. Is the SPS function implemented yet with the new module level shutoff code requirements? How exactly (what combination of equipment) is required to fulfill both the new shutoff requirements but keep the SPS? Thanks!

  6. John Hartsock
    John Hartsock says:

    What is the status of the new TS4-R-F that is supposed to work with SPS. The spec sheet looks great but my supplier says it is “suspended”. What does that mean?

  7. Samuel Van Dam
    Samuel Van Dam says:


    I am having a sunny boy 7.7 us installed on my home. There will be optimizers on each module with the RCK. Is it still the case that the SPS will not work in this scenario?


  8. Andrew P.
    Andrew P. says:

    Is the TS4-R-O solution compatible with Secure Power Supply and SMA’s Rapid Shutdown System?

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