Manufacturer’s declaration confirms 25-year Design Life for the Sunny Highpower PEAK3 Inverters

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SMA has announced in a formal manufacturer’s declaration, a 25-year design life for the Sunny Highpower PEAK3 inverter, confirmed to give developers and owners the long-term security they need to realize the full potential of their plants. This milestone is just another reflection of SMA’s commitment to offering customers the highest quality in the industry.

The Sunny Highpower PEAK3’s 25-year design life is the result of SMA’s holistic ‘Design for Reliability’ product engineering approach, emphasizing optimization of design margins for critical components such as IGBTs to ensure maximum reliability and uptime.


  • The manufacturer’s declaration can be backstopped with an available 25-year warranty, which gives project developers and system owners additional investment security.
  • SMA’s field proven OptiCool™ thermal management technology reduces component stresses to ensure PEAK3 inverters will withstand the demanding mission profile and extreme operating conditions typical of large-scale solar installations.
  • The 25-year design life projection has been confirmed by rigorous design validation and reliability testing, including climate chamber testing, extensive field testing, and accelerated lifetime tests.

Controls & Monitoring

In conjunction with the extended design life, SMA has also made managing distributed systems easier. Customers can control larger plants with the ennexOS Data Manager M, which now allows monitoring and open loop control for up to 7.5 MVA of inverters per device. This means system designers and operators using the Sunny Highpower PEAK3 can manage larger plants using fewer communication devices while simplifying installation and reducing system costs.

Notably, for PEAK3 inverters installed with the ennexOS Data Manager and registered in SMA’s ennexOS Sunny Portal monitoring platform, SMA offers Smart Connected proactive monitoring service, which further ensures maximum uptime through remote diagnostics and proactive resolution of service events.

The manufacturer’s declaration including applicable models can be found at For more information about the Sunny Highpower PEAK3, click here.

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  1. Shane Danail
    Shane Danail says:

    It sounds good to see 25-year design life for the Sunny Highpower PEAK3 inverter and confirmed to give developers and owners the long-term security.

    Thanks, Trish Moratto for sharing

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