Following Hurricanes Irma and Maria, SMA to Host Battery Inverter Training in Florida

The SMA Solar Academy is heading to Cocoa, Florida, in October for two special training events. Our technical trainers will be providing a two-day class on SMA’s battery-based inverter solutions as well as a one-day class on designing hybrid systems. The events will be held at the Florida Solar Energy Center, located on the University of Central Florida’s Cocoa satellite campus. 

PV plants with battery systems have become the most reliable way to provide electrical energy to grid-isolated locations. With the recent stretches of extreme weather and outages, solutions like the Sunny Island, SMA’s battery-based inverter, are being considered not just for complete off-grid management but also as an excellent solution for grid-tied battery backup.

The design of PV plants and battery systems for isolated grids is a complex task because of the many critical components involved in a hybrid energy system. It is critical to design these systems correctly to ensure the technical success of the project. These systems can allow for reductions in fuel consumption, which is particularly important for flood-stricken areas where it can become challening to rely on deliveries of diesel.

Our two-day training, taking place October 10 and 11, will give you the tools you need to understand the respective SMA solutions and to design modern off-grid power systems utilizing the Sunny Island. The class will also cover extensions to higher power systems using multicluster technology.

Topics of this training – which is eligible for five NABCEP Continuing Education Units – will include the functions, operating modes and sizing of the Sunny Island inverters and the Multicluster Box. Design examples for off-grid systems will be constructed using the latest version of SMA’s Sunny Design software.

On October 12, the Solar Academy will be covering the functions of the SMA Fuel Save Controller and discussing the best approaches for designing reliable hybrid energy systems using SMA Sunny Design.

We look forward to seeing you at the Florida Solar Energy Center!

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