Breaking Land Speed Records with the Power of the Sun

SMA is excited to power The Lightning SuperBike, the world’s fastest electric motorcycle from Lightning Motorcycle, as it attempts to break the world land speed record using the power of the sun. 

DC Solar Solutions mobile solar charging station powers the motorcycle with the power of the sun.

The land speed record attempt is being held this weekend November 10-11, 2012, at El Mirage Lake bed in the Mojave Desert in San Bernardino, California. Lightning Motorcycle currently holds the world land speed record with a top speed of 170 mph.  This year Lightning is planning to shatter the current land speed record by reaching a top speed of 200mph.

Lightning Motorcycle has been an avid believer in the potential of the electric vehicle, proving that performance and clean energy can work together to create the vehicles of tomorrow.

“We are passionate about promoting alternative energy and are excited about having this opportunity working with SMA. We believe there is a strong connection between the electric vehicle market and the solar industry.” – Richard Hatfield, owner of Lightning Motorcycle

A mobile solar charging station provided by DC Solar Solutions uses SMA Sunny Island inverters to charge the motorcycle using only the power of the sun. DC Solar Solutions’ mobile solar generators require no fuel, are noise and emissions free and reduce the global carbon footprint.

“DC Solar is committed to innovation in renewable energy and providing the best solutions to its customers. We know SMA shares that same commitment to quality and reliability, which is why we chose to use SMA inverters in our mobile solar generators.” – Paulette Carpoff, vice president and owner of DC Solar Solutions

To hear the latest news and updates, follow SMA on Twitter @SMA_America as we LIVE Tweet from the event #SolarBike this weekend!

  1. Melissa Womack
    Melissa Womack says:

    Hi Mac,

    The SMA team is excited to play a role in this exciting event! We will be updating our social media accounts during the event. Follow us on Twitter @SMA_America, #solarbike for the latest photos and details.


  2. Mac McDonald
    Mac McDonald says:

    As a former motorcycle-powered car racer( SCCA D Sports with a Yamaha FZR 1000) and electric powered vehicle advocate, I applaud your herculean efforts and wish you the best and safest experience. Put( the electric equivalent) the pedal to the metal!!

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