Why Photovoltaics in 3 1/2 Minutes

Why Photovoltaics
How does solar energy work?

A short film about how we benefit from photovoltaics supplying the worldwide energy demand.

Background information and Links:

Germany: 94 % of the Germans prefer renewables over any other energy source.
(German Link) http://www.unendlich-viel-energie.de/de/detailansicht/article/4/umfrage-buerger-befuerworten-energiewende-und-sind-bereit-die-kosten-dafuer-zu-tragen.html


France: 97 percent of the French prefer renewables over any other energy source.
(French link) http://www.enerzine.com/14/9283+les-francais-sont-favorables-aux-energies-renouvelables+.html


Japan: A citizen poll conducted by the Tokyo Shimbun reveals that 80 per cent of the 3000 people surveyed want Japan to phase out its reliance on nuclear power.


USA: 91 percent of Americans say developing sources of clean energy should be high priority for the president and Congress.


Indien: Indian Government Calls for Greater Investment in Solar Energy Sector

The India Solar Market: Strategy, Players, and Opportunities


Efficiency: In theory, less than 1 percent of the Sahara desert covered with solar thermal or pv power stations would meet the whole power demand of the world.
(German Link) http://www.volker-quaschning.de/artikel/Solarstrom2025/index.php


Costs: PV is getting cheaper.  A doubling of the worldwide installed PV power lead to cost reductions between 18 to 20 %
(German Link) http://www.volker-quaschning.de/artikel/Solarstrom2025/index.php


Fuel Parity: Fuel-parity is no future projection anymore, it is a matter of fact.


We hope you enjoy the film!

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