Virtual 360° Tour of SMA Production

Virtual 360° Tour of SMA Production

Our central inverters are designed to generate solar power in PV power plants under very different technical and climatic conditions across the globe. In this 360° video, we show you where and how our Sunny Central inverters are produced. 


Enjoy the 360° Video.


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  1. suryo busono
    suryo busono says:

    I am Looking forward to cooperation more deeply between Australia and Indonesia in the field of Solar roof top especially and other solar PV stand alone proyek in Indonesia, and I desire to visit All-energy Australia in the next October , If possible please send me the Invitation letter from your office.
    Looking forward to hear your comment ant thank you.

    Your sincerely,
    suryo busono

    • Annika Linke
      Annika Linke says:

      Hi Suryo,
      Thanks for your post. I forwarded your request to my colleagues at SMA Australia. They will contact you directly.
      Kind regards, Annika

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