Video: How Tokelau Switched to Solar Energy

Video: How Tokelau Switched to Solar Energy

Tokelau is one of the world’s most remote countries – and the first to generate its energy supply using only photovoltaics.

The island nation consists of three small atolls in the South Pacific Ocean, north of Samoa, and can only be reached by boat. For a long time, the islanders relied almost exclusively on diesel generators to meet their electricity needs. This was expensive and accounted for the most of pollution in the area. The electricity supply was far from reliable, with intermittent blackouts. However, 2012 Tokelau became the first country in the world with an energy supply based fully on photovoltaics. At one megawatt of power, the entire facility is the largest inverter dominated solar off-grid system in the world. The plants generate more energy than the 1,411 inhabitants of Tokelau need.

SMA is proud to play a role in bringing a sustainable energy supply to this beautiful island nation.


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Tokelau – The First Country With 100 % Solar Energy Supply


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