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Service team members at SMA Australia have lost count of the number of times they have answered a call and been told by the customer that they only want to speak to Patty. Usually, they can offer support themselves and the customer realises that they too have a high level of competence, but it is a habit that stems from the early days of SMA Australia.


Patty Wu, MPS expert at SMA Australia, was born in Taiwan and moved to New Zealand at the age of 9. She studied a Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical and Electronics at the University of Auckland and a Master of Engineering, Science, Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy at University of New South Wales before coming to work at SMA Australia.


The only woman in the team for a long time

With 2 and a half years experience, she is the longest serving member of the Australian service team, and for a long time was the only female member of the group. The service team welcomed Wendy Truong in March. “Before Wendy joined it was a bit lonely being the only female”, said Patty.

When Patty began work at SMA Australia back in 2009, she was part of a small team. Because of this, she got hands-on experience in a number of different areas. She had no choice but to look after service, shipping, invoicing and much more.


Pattys motto: “Everything can be solved”

Patty’s motto is “Everything can be solved”. Her favourite part of the job is chatting to customers and helping them to solve their problems. It’s no surprise that they ask for Patty the next time they call. She also loves the multicultural team that she works with and the diverse nature of the Australian market and its surrounding countries. When someone on the service team is unsure of an answer to a difficult question they ask Patty. “Ask Patty” is a common phrase around the Australian office!

Patty has been to Germany three times for training and thrives on the opportunity to work closely with her German colleagues, helping to expand her knowledge of SMA products. She also plays an expert role in the Regional Competency Centre for Asia/Pacific which is based at SMA Australia.

  1. Hans Hankemeier
    Hans Hankemeier says:

    Have an issue with 5000US # 2002126399 tripping, have 2 units, uttility voltage pretty high 250 volts, bright sun will trip. I’ve ask, they won’t change. Can I raise the trip voltage say 2 volts?

  2. Adam Hart
    Adam Hart says:

    Hi Patty

    Could you please contact me re an issue I am having with an SMA SB 3000TL.

    We spoke about this a little while ago and we are still having issues.

    Kind Regards,Adam

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