New Features of Sunny Places Online Portal

Peter Menzelby Peter Menzel (guest post), , 2 Comments

The Sunny Places online portal now offers a number of new features. For example, those who are interested and don’t have their own photovoltaic system can learn in simple steps how to simulate a PV system as well as compare and estimate its energy yield data.

Should questions arise, the Community is ready to help. Installers also benefit from this new function because with it they can simulate a system and experience firsthand the benefits of a PV system.


Implementation of pictures and videos

Other advantages can be found in Community Feed. With this new version, it is also possible to post pictures and videos (as you can see in the screenshot above). With a new filter, users can hide the system comparisons shared with other users and access various articles, which then can also be formatted. Additionally, in the system details you can now view the inclination and orientation of PV modules as well as the estimated annual production and CO2 savings.


Hope you enjoy the new features.


Here’s the link to Sunny Places


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