Frida Gold: The Vacation Can Now Begin

Sigh… A stressful work week draws to an end. It’s finally Friday and the weekend is calling me.. but wait… I have three weeks of vacation before me, and if that weren’t reason enough to celebrate, EVEN BETTER, I’m treating myself to Frida Gold LIVE in Borken.

Finding Gold Amongst Brown Coal

As it should be, the concert given by the band Frida Gold, originating in Ruhrpott, took place in an open air mining museum. Amidst drill bits, bucket wheels, digging equipment, industrial squibbing and turbines, the petite Alina Süggeler sang her chart hits such as “Unsere Liebe ist aus Gold” and “Zeig mir wie du tanzt”.
600 concert goers, who started out reserved and quiet, were all dancing and singing euphorically by the time she started performing one of my favorite songs of 2011, “Wovon sollen wir träumen”.

Frida Gold

Great Open Air-performance.

My Concert Conclusion

As the lead singer, Aline Süggeler, asked the audience to ignore the safety zone around the stage by coming as close as they could, and apologized for not having released very many songs, I had my doubts.
But these doubts soon melted away as I let myself get carried away by the euphoric atmosphere.
This concert was a lot of fun and a great experience.

North Hessen’s Cultural Summer

For those of you whose interest has been sparked, there will be a number of concerts and events taking place in and around Kassel as part of north Hessen’s cultural summer. SMA is once again supporting these events and concerts as a major sponsor.
And even if the actual summer is leaving much to be desired, our cultural summer is at least delivering. 😉

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