Department Outing, A Little Different

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I’m not exactly sure how we came up with the idea, really. A few colleagues were just talking during the lunch break and the topic of horses came up. We quickly realized there were several active riders in the HR department and several more who once rode horses. So, I though it could be something the department could do together. While other departments bowl or grill together, I thought an outing to go riding would be something really unique.

Riding Out With Colleagues

Said and done. A date, time and riding center in the region were quickly decided upon. We chose the Hirschberg equestrian center, located in a forest at the base of the Hoher Meissner. The first challenge for my colleagues and me was to find our horses. 😉 As soon as we had finished that and were outfitted with saddles and what not, we could finally get started. We rode for a good two hours, lead by our instructor who helped by giving tips and offering assistance. Our ride took us through forests and meadows, across many types of terrain, but our calm and experienced horses made it easy even for our beginner riders.

Back at the center, I concluded that our outing was a great adventure and it was really nice doing something completely different with my colleagues for a change. I’m already looking forward to our next ride, for which even more colleagues have already signed up. 🙂

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