A Word in Spanish: New webinar Industrial Hybrid Energy Systems in English and Spanish

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A German Solar Academy trainer holding a presentation in Spanish for installers that are tuned in from Chile, Peru and other places around the world? Welcome to the Global Solar Academy! César Villalta, Solar Academy trainer in Germany (in the middle), holds our new webinar on Industrial Hybrid Energy Systems, both in English and in his mother language Spanish.

In this 90-minute online training you get to know the concept of an industrial hybrid system, learn about its features and components, with a focus on the SMA Fuel Save Controller as the centerpiece of our solution. The webinar is topped off by a look at our brand new reference plant in Cobija, Bolivia, the world’s largest photovoltaic diesel hybrid power plant with battery-storage. The webinar is intended as an overview on the topic and you have the option to ask questions in the chat and get answers directly during the session.

The webinar

“It is fantastic to explain our Fuel Save Solution to participants in Spain or Chile or my home country El Salvador”, says César. “Hybrid Energy is very important for these markets; they need to know about this. And of course I am very happy to give trainings in Spanish.”

Solar Academy webinars are live, free and you can participate from all over the world. Learn more about our webinars or simply register for either the English webinar Industrial Hybrid Energy Systems or for the Spanish version.


The Solar Academy offers online trainings in five languages on more than 20 different topics. Find the complete webinar program under http://webinars.SMA.de.


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