"Thank You" to those who Participated in the SMA INSIGHT Master Program

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A student visits the SMA laboratories

A student visits the SMA laboratories

We had a great time over the two incredibly busy days.
As the hosts, we had spent several weeks preparing for the master’s degree candidates visit. Our guests were electrical engineering students with an interest in SMA, and our goal was to fill two days with activities that would give them a good look at our corporate culture and work environment. We had no idea how the two-day program would be received. Naturally, we wanted our guests to have a wonderful time, get to know what we’re like, and see all that Kassel has to offer.

The feedback from our visitors was consistently positive. In particular, we scored points for giving students the opportunity to spend time with our engineers in the laboratories, gather information and providing an authentic impression of our work. The city tour on a double-decker bus, followed by an evening meal together, gave several students a greater appreciation of Kassel.

We appreciate their feedback.It has made us excited about repeating this format. We thank those of you who participated in the SMA INSIGHT 2011 Master program for your interest and enthusiasm, and we hope to welcome one or more of the visiting students as trainees or graduate assistants in the near future.

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