5 Reasons to Visit SMA at Intersolar

Warum Solarenergie in zweieinhalb Minuten

Internationally, everyone is wrestling with implementing the Paris climate agreement; and in Germany the next reform of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) is looming—both indicators that, the (global) energy transition is still an important issue and that solar energy is an important factor to success. To that end, this year at the industry get-together, Intersolar Europe in Munich, we’ll be presenting system solutions to help every type of user generate and store energy and cut energy costs. Curious? Then come and have a look at our booth.


Here are five new products that may interest you:


1. Our new Sunny Boy Storage battery inverter

With the Sunny Boy Storage, it is possible to easily and cost-effectively integrate high-voltage batteries like the Tesla Powerwall into photovoltaic systems. Thanks to its AC coupling, this battery inverter can be flexibly integrated into both new and existing PV systems. The device is thus perfectly suited to create an independent electricity supply in your home. The Sunny Boy Storage has even been nominated for the eeS Award. We’ve got our fingers crossed.



2. Smart monitoring at the module level

SMA uses the smart modular technology TS4 developed by Tigo to increase power and functionality at the module level. This chip-based solution can augment partially shaded solar modules with an optimization function, increasing the energy yield of the entire PV system.

For more information read our press release.



The new Sunny Boy 5000TL with service package

The new Sunny Boy 5000TL with service package

3. Voilà: the new Sunny Boy inverter family with service package included

Completely overhauled with a new design and equipped with the latest communication standards, we present the Sunny Boy 5000TL in a range of power classes. An added bonus for customers purchasing the new generation is that they also benefit from SMA automatically taking charge of monitoring the inverter.


4. Megawatt power for 1,500V technology

SMA is the first manufacturer in the large-scale PV power plant sector to present a turnkey medium-voltage solution with 5 MW inverter power for 1,500V PV power plants as a container solution. With the combined power of two Sunny Central 2500-EV inverters, a medium-voltage transformer and switchgear, the globally successful Medium Voltage Power Station provides even more power and is ready for use in the new generation of centralized PV power plants with 1,500V technology. The MVPS SC5000-EV significantly reduces transport, installation and operating cost thanks to its unique power density and compact design.


5. Big data for grid integration

Big data is a decisive criterion for success when it comes to realizing the energy transition. Providing exact production and consumption data will make grid integration of solar power possible; and on a large scale, too. At Intersolar, SMA will be showcasing its SMA Energy Services including new services for grid operators and other actors in the energy industry, allowing them to market electricity more effectively and save costs by providing reserve power.


Get free Intersolar tickets now

IntersolarIf we’ve made you curious and you would like to see our system solutions up close for yourself, then simply send an e-mail to SocialMedia@SMA.de. We have free tickets for the first 20 people to respond.

You’ll find us at Intersolar Europe in Hall 03, Booth 210.


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