The Solar Van takes a trip to New Day Solar in Murrieta, California

The SMA Solar Van took to the highways once again in search of solar installers ready to learn more about SMA and see our inverters in action. The team at New Day Solar was the latest group to welcome the van and talk all-things solar.

In the heart of Southern California, between Los Angeles and San Diego, lies Murrieta. Owned by husband and wife Scott and Mary Carlson, New Day Solar has been building a reputation for designing and installing high-quality solar systems for more than 15 years.

Quality, quality, quality

Since their early days as solar pioneers in the late 1990’s, Scott and his team have earned their reputation the hard way: by installing the best systems possible and taking care of their customers. That means no corners are cut and only the best products are installed, like our Sunny Boy string inverters, which have been used for many New Day Solar systems.

When it was time to talk inverters with Scott and the New Day Solar team, they were ready to learn all about the Sunny Boy 240-US micro inverter and what makes it so different than other options.

“We pride ourselves on not having to make service calls, our systems work day-in and day-out,” said Scott. “We’ve been trying various micro inverter options and felt the quality hasn’t met our standards. I’m anxious to try SMA’s micro after years of installing their string inverters for happy customers.”

Beyond the technology

Service and support are key to customer referrals and has been the largest driver of growth for New Day Solar. But they too rely on good service and customer support to make sure things go as planned. That’s been a difference maker when choosing vendors to work with, said Scott.

“Post-installation service isn’t just the cost of doing business. It means something isn’t right,” Scott went on to say. “We are loyal to our vendors who can reduce service needs and fully support us when we do need to service a system. That’s a difference maker on our bottom line.”

The next stop

Want to see one of the SMA Solar Vans? Let us know why your team should be the next to get a visit from the van and keep spreading the solar power!


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