Students at SMA: Insight4School

It's 2:30pm and the event helpers started to arrive between building 12 and container 40 to set up for the first meeting of all the trainers and trainees. Martina Fischmann, head of the training department, welcomed everyone, briefed them about their respective jobs and gave an overview of what would take place throughout the afternoon and evening. Then, everyone took their seats and the event could begin. Would everything go according to plan?! Or had we forgotten something?!

We had been planning this for several months, after all. SMA Insight 4 School is an event lead by the training department which opens the door for visitors (and young students in particular) to get a glimpse inside the company and its various departments. We sat with many employees from various departments, such as Marketing, Employer Branding, the technical and commercial trainee departments as well as with the trainees themselves, who were all willing to help.


The pupil can test all jobs of the vocational training.

We thought of a few nice extras for the event. Students were able to take part in a tour of the production hall (building 60). We offered something for the parents at the same time, too, as our trainers gave practical tips for helping select a career path. In addition, we invited Mr. Koch to come by from the work agency and give career advice. Our highlight was a game with an actual internship spot as the main prize. The game was in the form of a quiz with general questions about SMA as well as technical questions from the different departments.

08.24.2012, 3:45pm!

Daniel and Mona

We were finally ready to get started and the first guests had already arrived. While Mona and I made a last sweep through the different rooms to make a few final adjustments, the trainee stands started to fill up with visitors. SMA Insight 4 School was in full swing. Questions were asked, things were tried out and advice was given by the trainers. More than 130 guests took part and all our planning paid off. Now we could just enjoy the event and the fact that SMA Insight 4 School was a complete success.

Thanks to everyone who helped make it possible!