SMA Italy is a Big Family!

In April, SMA Italy celebrated the fifth SMA Family Day, one of the most expected event of the year. The Italian subsidiary opened the door to children, wives, husbands, friends and relatives of all SMA employees and involved them in a very funny party.

Delicious: Smart Energy Cake

Delicious: Smart Energy Cake

According to SMA corporate value of participation, everyone prepared tasty and delicious specialties to eat, typical of every Italian region. An example? “Taralli” and “mozzarella” from Puglia, “piadina” and good “San Giovese” wine from Emilia Romagna.

Above all, the children enjoyed so much the party and, thanks to the entertainment activities organized directly by some SMA employees, played and danced all the evening .

All employees enjoyed “Guess who?” game

Everybody enjoyed the “Guess who?” game

Guess who?

Energy that changes and time that changes… There was a funny game with some old pictures of babies that are now employees at SMA! The “Guess who?” game involved all attendees: the aim was to identify 10 employees from pictures shooted when they were young. Consuelo and Valerio won the game and identified every “competitor”.

The sweet final

Sweet surprise that closed the evening was the “Smart Energy” cake, designed as the SMA Smart Home with Sunny Boy Smart Energy. Everyone should taste that delightful artwork offered to all attendees to celebrate together the “SMA Family”.

See you next year!