Running for Charity

In May, Laura and Barbara, two members of the SMA Italy team, ran a very special competition, Avon Running, in Milan. The aim was to collect money for a children’s charity association, founded by Marco Modena, the SMA Italy’s former Service Director who died last November. Avon Running, part of Win4Youth – a global sports initiative to raise money for youth foundations, is a five kilometer, women only run that courses through the center of Milan.

Despite the clouds and threatening rain, Laura and Barbara remained resolute in their commitment and participated in the competition and, with fortitude and a smile on their face, they reached their goal and crossed the finish line.

Laura and Barbara completed the charity run in Milano.

Laura and Barbara completed the charity run in Milano.

“To be a runner is not only a state of mind, but also a philosophy” said Barbara, SMA Italy’s avid sportswoman and Customer Marketing Specialist. “While you are running, you combine both physical with mental pleasure, and at the same time you can help children or those less fortunate, it becomes magnanimous and worthwhile on an entire different level”.

“This was the first time I took part in a running competition,” said Laura, HR Specialist at SMA Italia. “I’m not an athlete and, until today, I never thought about running a marathon. I overcame my fears and I crossed the finish line. The feeling was indescribable”.

Charity “Aiutare i bambini”

The goal of the competition had a special meaning for SMA Italy because all the money raised was donated to the charity “Aiutare i bambini”, founded by Marco Modena. Marco, SMA Italy’s former Service Director who died last November, spent his life helping children and the organization is tangible and lasting proof of his work.

“I usually run in several competitions a year but Avon Running had a special meaning for me,” said Barbara. “I was very proud to represent SMA Italy and I would also like to involve more co-workers in similar initiatives.”

“The added value of the competition was of course its charity scope,” said Laura. “While you’re running, you feel part of a team that has a common goal. This is a special value we would like to replicate in our job and everyday activities.”