Denver, Colorado: The "SMA Inverters" at the Softball League.

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SMA Softball Team

At SMA we believe in success through teamwork, and some of our Denver colleagues have displayed that conviction to the community by competing in a local softball league. It gives us great pride to announce that the “SMA-Inverters,” the SMA Denver men’s team, are the 2013 Aurora Parks and Recreation League CHAMPS! With an 11-1 record, they have gone from worst to first, the best of seven teams in the league.

How are the “SMA Inverters”?

The Inverters came from all over the Denver plant: MPS, PPS, Logistics, Maintenance, Test, and even an employee’s son. After last season’s record of 4-12, they were eager to “make a statement” in 2013. However, the season started off badly with a loss to the Lions, but, undaunted, they practiced every Saturday, honing their skills by hitting and fielding balls with Dave Johnson and Tony Logan, their coach. Like something out of a Hollywood script, they then won eleven straight and defeated the Lions 11 to 4 in the championship! Tony expressed pride in his teammates: “When we could have given up, we always rallied behind each other.” Looking ahead, The Inverters hope to improve next year. It is good to see SMA teamwork in the plant and on the field.

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