Customized Solutions’ Winter Hike

Last week, the Customized Solutions – Systems and Projects Department revived its winter hike tradition. Our hike last year had taken us through the forest to Helsa-Eschenstruth’s Zur Lachshuhnklause inn, so this year we decided to change directions and head south, rather than southeast, within the Kassel area.

the smallest brewery in Hessen

the smallest brewery in Hessen

Together with our co-workers, we hiked to Fuldabrücker Landbrauerei, the smallest brewery in Hessen, while surrounded by gorgeous snowfall and equipped with just the right amount of provisions. Once we reached the brewery, in Dörnhagen, we were able to take pleasure in a merry recapitulation of last year while enjoying plenty of Nikolausbier and a hearty schnitzel. After that, we knew one thing for sure: We would definitely be continuing with the tradition next year! 🙂

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This article was published in 2012. As we are constantly developing our solutions, there may be newer or additional options for the tips and techniques in this article.