About this blog

Welcome to SUNNY – SMA’s corporate blog!

What’s it about?

Our blog SUNNY covers topics such as digitalization, Smart Home, energy management and the combination of SMA system technology with different storage technologies. We provide valuable insight into our company, with hints and tips about SMA’s product and solution portfolio. In addition, we take a stand on current energy debates. Now we want you—our readers—to get involved: We would be delighted to receive your feedback, questions and comments.
If you are interested in a specific topic, please email SocialMedia@SMA.de.

Who writes it?

This blog comes from real people who work at SMA. We hold a variety of positions in different business areas across our company. In addition, many of our Managing Board members offer their opinions on certain current issues. To enrich the discussions, experts in the fields of science, research and industry as well as energy bloggers submit posts on our blog.

Why is it called SUNNY?

The names of our product family—Sunny Boy, Sunny Tripower, Sunny Central—all contain the word “sunny.” Our blog covers not only topics relating to our products and system solutions, but more importantly, emphasizes the important role photovoltaics play in advancing the shift toward a decentralized, reliable and resource-friendly energy supply. So the name for the blog was an obvious choice. But not all the topics we blog about are bright and cheerful like the sun, of course. There are also critical and controversial subjects—but that’s what makes it all so exciting.

We hope you enjoy reading the blog.
Your SMA blog team